Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Name: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Year: 2014
Rating: R
Running Time (minutes): 105
Description: A new version of the saga of CIA analyst Jack Ryan. It begins when Ryan was attending the London School of Economics and 9/11 happened. He would then enlist in the Marines and would go to Afghanistan, which is the start of a series of extraordinary events.
Stars: Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley
Genres: Action, Mystery, Thriller

Once again, I disagree with Rotten Tomatoes. It wasn’t bad at all. Not great, but certainly good. Except for the fact that all Russians love women and vodka. And the ending is really, REALLY rushed and handled EXTREMELY badly (horrible music editing!). Kevin Costner was good, but I’m not really sure if Keira Knightley with an American accent is a good thing or not. Oh well, she’s an excellent actress anyway.

As for Patrick Doyle’s score, this project was a waste of his time. The two great pieces he wrote for this film were cut short to such an extent that it’s laughable. Scratch that, it’s tragic. At times you still hear Doyle’s mannerisms during emotional moments, but… it’s just not him at all most of the time. Very unfortunate.

Also, a few technical points on the audio description: the dialogue was softer than the AD and music, which didn’t always make for nice listening. Also, the narrator kept announcing things before they happened, don’t really like that either.


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