Dr No

Name: James Bond 01: Dr. No
Year: 1962
Rating: PG
Running Time (minutes): 110
Description: James Bond (007) is Britain’s top agent and is on an exciting mission, to solve the mysterious murder of a fellow agent. The task sends him to Jamacia, where he joins forces with Quarrel and a loyal CIA agent, Felix Leiter. While dodging tarantulas, “fire breathing dragons” and a trio of assassins, known as the three blind mice. Bond meets up with the beautiful Honey Ryder and goes face to face with the evil Dr. No.
Stars: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress and Bernard Lee
Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

My (and the) first Bond movie. Rather good story. Obviously, the sound effects were ludicrous and the amount of beautiful women popping up everywhere was rather baffling. The score was, well… it was there.


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