Notes On A Scandal

Name: Notes On A Scandal
Year: 2006
Rating: R
Running Time (minutes): 92
Description: Bitter, cynical and lonely Barbara Covett is a tough and conservative teacher near to retirement that is loathed by her colleagues and students. In the loneliness of her apartment, she spends her spare time writing her journal, taking care of her old cat Portia and missing her special friend Jennifer Dodd. When Sheba Hart joins the high-school as the new art teacher, Barbara dedicates her attention to the newcomer, writing sharp and unpleasant comments about her behavior and clothes. When Barbara helps Sheba in a difficult situation with two students, the grateful Sheba invites her to have lunch with her family. Sheba introduces her husband and former professor Richard Hart, who is about twenty years older than she; her rebellious teenager daughter Polly; and her son Ben that has Down’s Syndrome. Barbara becomes close to Sheba, but when she accidentally discovers that Sheba is having an affair with the fifteen year-old student Steven Connolly…
Stars: Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench and Andrew Simpson
Genres: Drama, Thriller

It was eitehr that one or the Green Zone, but apparently this one was better. And how captivating it was too… I really don’t understand what he fuss is all about, it’s not a bad story, but other than that… Incidentally, Judi Dench has such an unattractive voice.

As for the score, I suspected I wouldn’t like it and was not disappointed by this lame Philip Glass effort. Overscored, too much focus on the dramatic part and not on the romance, repetitive… Bad.


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