To Walk Invisible

Name: To Walk Invisible
Year: 2016
Rating: PG
Running Time (minutes): 120
Description: In 1845 at Haworth on the Yorkshire moors, sisters Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronye and their father, a retired parson with failing eyesight, are continually troubled by their drunken, irresponsible brother Branwell, who wastes every opportunity given him to become an artist. Charlotte fears for her own sight whilst Emily seeks refuge in writing about the imaginary land of Gondor, but all three are fearful for their future should their menfolk die. Charlotte is impressed by Emily’s work and encourages her to write a novel, inspired by a story told her by a former employer, which will become “Wuthering Heights”. All three sisters write novels, loosely based on their own experiences using androgynous masculine pen-names, which are ultimately accepted for publication. Their success allows them to identify their true gender and to save the roof over their heads, but Branwell’s self-indulgence leads to his early death and both Emily and Anne succumb to sickness, dying young.
Stars: James Norton, Charlie Murphy, Jonathan Pryce
Genres: Drama

Not bad. It was nice to watch this after just having started reading Wuthering Heights. I liked the Northern accents of the three sisters too.

The score is functional, but nothing more. It was clearly written aimlessly and it’s utterly unmemorable, but it works.


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