Total Recall

Name: Total Recall
Year: 1990
Rating: R
Running Time (minutes): 113
Description: Douglas Quaid is haunted by a recurring dream about a journey to Mars. He hopes to find out more about this dream and buys a holiday at Rekall Inc. where they sell implanted memories. But something goes wrong with the memory implantation and he remembers being a secret agent fighting against the evil Mars administrator Cohaagen. Now the story really begins and it’s a rollercoaster ride until the massive end of the movie.
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

My first Schwarzenegger film. Very interesting story, but his voice just makes me crack up all the time. It would also have been nice had it ended with him waking up.

Also my first Goldsmith score. Some interesting tidbits, but I won’t be listening to the soundtrack.

Home Alone

Name: Home Alone
Year: 1990
Rating: PG
Running Time (minutes): 103
Description: It is Christmas Time and the McAllister family is preparing for a vacation in Paris, France. But, the youngest in the family named Kevin got into a scuffle with his older brother Buzz and was sent to his room which is on the third floor of his house. Then, the next morning, while the rest of the family were in a rush to make it to the airport on time, they completely forgot about Kevin who now has the house all to himself. Being home alone was fun for Kevin, having a pizza all to himself, jumping on his parents’ bed and making a mess. Then, Kevin discovers about 2 burglars, Harry and Marv about to rob his house on Christmas eve. Kevin acts quickly by wiring his own house with makeshift booby traps to stop the burglars and to bring them to justice.
Stars: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family

Finally managed to watch this one after five years of peer pressure on 23 December and it was well worth the wait. Fun movie, if a little sentimental sometimes.

And what a lovely score! I must say that, after having listened to Zimmer’s Batman trilogy, this score was THE perfect ‘antidote’. Finally an orchestra that was actually DOING something! The ‘Somewhere in my Memory’ orchestral versions made me shiver all over. Absolutely stunning. I’m officially in Christmas mode now.


Name: Flatliners
Year: 1990
Rating: R
Running Time (minutes): 115
Description: Medical students begin to explore the realm of near death experiences, hoping for insights. Each has their heart stopped and is revived. They begin having flashes of walking nightmares from their childhood, reflecting sins they committed or had committed against them. The experiences continue to intensify, and they begin to be physically beaten by their visions as they try and go deeper into the death experience to find a cure.
Stars: Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts
Genres: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Quite good. Only didn’t like the image of God at the end and the slightly too religoius plot. The score was very interesting and extremely engaging during the near-death experiences.

Dances With Wolves

Name: Dances With Wolves
Year: 1990
Rating: PG-13
Running Time (minutes): 181
Description: John Dunbar is dubbed a hero after he accidentally leads Union troops to a victory during the Civil War. He requests a position on the western frontier, but finds it deserted. He soon finds out he is not alone, but meets a wolf he dubs “Two-socks” and a curious Indian tribe. Dunbar quickly makes friends with the tribe, and discovers a white woman who was raised by the Indians. He gradually earns the respect of these native people, and sheds his white-man’s ways.
Stars: Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell and Graham Greene
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Western
1990 Oscar Best Picture Winner!

Slooooooooow. Loooooooong. Teeeeeeedious. If they had left out half of the scenes, no one would have noticed anything and the ending isn’t worth the wait. The score had some very nice moments, but the action cues were somehow disappointing.

Back to the Future Part 3

Name: Back To The Future Part 3
Year: 1990
Rating: PG
Running Time (minutes): 118
Description: Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly receives written word from his friend, Doctor Emmett Brown, as to where can be found the DeLorean time machine. However, an unfortunate discovery prompts Marty to go to his friend’s aid. Using the time machine, Marty travels to the old west where his friend has run afoul of a gang of thugs and has fallen in love with a local schoolteacher. Using the technology from the time, Marty and Emmett devise one last chance to send the two of them back to the future.
Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

I have to change my opinion. When I watched it for the very first time two years ago, I thought it was rather boring, but this time, I really, really enjoyed it. Chris Lloyd is incredible in this one, Thomas Wilson’s great too, and Lea Thompson’s Irish accent is really cute. Still find Clara a bit annoying, though. Do Doc’s kids have to live in hiding for the rest of their lives now?

And the score… This is definitely the best of all three of them, though I’d like to know why the three-note/time travel theme only gets a full rendition when Doc returns with Clara. What does it stand for in that scene, accomplishment? The love theme is absolutely fantastic. And the festival music was a nice surprise.

One final note about the sound mix, there’s really something odd going on with the dialogue in parts II and III. They either used cheap microphones, or the sound mixer didn’t know what he waas doing. Overall, part I just sounds much more crisp and detailed. In the sequels, the dialogue really sounds weird, way too much emphasis on the low frequencies. That must be it! But I should be focusing on the promise and the possibilities instead of the pitfalls and the perils.