Name: Copycat
Year: 1995
Rating: R
Running Time (minutes): 123
Description: Criminal profiler and psychologist Dr Helen Hudson becomes entangled in the deadly mind game of a vicious copycat serial killer, Peter Foley. Due to the horrific attack Helen suffered in her past as an agoraphobic she is confined to her apartment. The killer uses this against her in his murderous attempts to become a famous serial killer. Detectives M. J. Monahan and Reuben Goetz they have the challenge of trying to capture the killer before he kills again and uses his chance to commit another atrocious murder.
Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter and Dermot Mulroney
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Liked the beginning, but the relationships between all the characters and the characters themselves were so shallow and superficial. I could only sympathise a tiny little bit with Sigourney Weaver, who had a bad moment, Holly Hunter was mildly annoying, I hardly cared when someone died…

The score was not my thing, but very appropriate.


While You Were Sleeping

Name: While You Were Sleeping
Year: 1995
Rating: PG
Running Time (minutes): 88
Description: Lucy’s life consists of constant loneliness, that is until she saves Peter’s life. Now she is a part of his family, and with a strong heart and fate on her side, others begin to realise what a terrific person she is, especially Jack, Peter’s brother. An extraordinarily true-to-life sequence of events begins to take place as Lucy and Jack become closer and learn more about each other and themselves than one would ever expect from such coincidental, yet believable, events.
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

I rather liked it, though I usually don’t really care for films based on (romantic) misunderstandings. That was why, by the second half, I was doing other things while watching this. The whole plot just took a little too long to unfold. But I do have to remember Celeste. A really nice name for a woman.

This was my first Randy Edelman score and I really liked it. Good theme and very good underscore. Actually, underscore isn’t really applicable here because Edelman was doing interesting things all the time. And very nice music too.

Dead Man Walking

Name: Dead Man Walking
Year: 1995
Rating: R
Running Time (minutes): 122
Description: A convicted murderer on Death Row and the nun who befriends him. Through the portrayal of finely drawn characters and their interactions as the days, hours, and minutes tick down to the condemned man’s execution, powerful emotions are unleashed. While Matthew Poncelet and Sister Prejean desperately try to gain a stay of execution from the governor or the courts, scenes are intercut from the brutal crime, gradually revealing the truth about the events that transpired. In addition to her temporal help, the nun also tries to reach out spiritually and assist as a guide to salvation.
Stars: Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Robert Prosky
Genres: Crime, Drama

What surprised me most was how I hated the guy on death row at the start, but felt more and more emotional as the story unfolded. Still finding it hard to sympathise with him, but that didn’t make the whole ordeal more bearable. The score is sufficient, but I honestly don’t understand why it sounds to Eastern and there should have been more music.